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We deliver expert service to our clients – customized to their needs. It’s not enough that the work passed a project checklist. It has to be done right and we are passionate to make it happen. Gordon Jackson Consulting works with small non-profits to larger corporations specializing in four areas: technology consulting, expert programming, maintenance & monitoring, and proactive security. We’d love to listen to your goals and help achieve them with you.

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Expert guidance on choosing a new platform to search engine optimization. Lean on our experience to guide your decisions.


High quality custom programming delivered with documentation and support. To us, programming needs to have craftmanship.


Several maintenance and monitoring programs to meet your needs. Options include 24/7 monitoring and mediation to daily threat analysis.


Perpetual system auditing, recommendations, and mediation to secure websites and systems. We're constantly refining and enhancing our process based on the latest information.


Gordon is an amazing mix of tech guru, strategist, team leader, project manager, problem solver, and results achiever. I'm amazed at the speed with which he can create and implement an elegant design or robust solution that exceeds the expectations of all parties involved. In addition to his technical genius, Gordon's a great colleague and team player. He is thorough in communicating and documenting his work which fosters buy-in and collaboration among stakeholders. Our company benefits immensely from the opportunity to tap into Gordon's expertise and he's the first source we seek out when we need high quality work with a low level of risk.
by Shelley Cochrane - Vice President, Douglas Shaw & Associates
Gordon is an amazing developer who excels at finding solutions and solving large problems. He is personally invested in his work and takes pride in providing secure, optimized solutions. His documentation and explanations are thorough so that clients and future developers can easily build upon his code. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about Gordon. He is wonderful to work with and truly does a great job.
by Amy Sewell - Digital Strategist at Douglas Shaw & Associates
I have been working with Gordon at our mutual client, Douglas Shaw & Associates for almost 3 years. Gordon is an invaluable asset to DSA. Gordon is our “go to” consultant for high-level technical assistance as well as helping us recruit top talent for our internal team. Gordon is extremely responsive and willing to help with anything we need. He is strong both technically and in areas of leadership. He is also a person of high integrity.
by Eileen Usher - Partner at B2B CFO®

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