In today’s modern world you hear of major hacks and site issues on a daily basis. If you do not maintain your WordPress site and secure it, the site is bound to end up on a hacking leaderboard somewhere. Most hosting companies do not do enough to keep things reasonably safe. At Gordon Jackson Consulting, we take an experienced, pro-active approach to securing WordPress sites. Unlike other providers, we look for threats, update often, and put the right things in place to keep your site from being a target. Talk to us today to see how we can give you some peaceĀ of mind.

Silver Hosting Plan
$200.00 / month
The Silver Hosting Plan is an affordable and truly managed service for WordPress. It includes daily threat assessments, weekly updates, and help transferring your domain. Ideal for small to medium websites. No setup fee required.
Gold Hosting Plan
$300.00 / month
The Gold Hosting Plan includes a daily threat assessment, larger server capacity, and business hours support. Updates are performed on a weekly basis or as soon as possible in the case of a medium to high risk assessment.
Platinum Hosting Plan
$500.00 / month
If your site needs to be up 24/7 with a low risk of getting hacked, the Platinum Hosting Plan is the right choice. It includes daily threat assessments, 24/7 support with 1 hour response time, unlimited updates, and a staging server.