WordPress Secure Processes

Photo Credit: Christoph Schnabel In this post, I will describe three processes that will help you keep your WordPress website more secure. If you are interested in an overview of WordPress security, checkout my first article in this series: Securing Wordpress. A secure site starts with planning. Establishing processes for adding content, updating the software, [...]

WordPress Migration & Testing

The white page of death. You were sailing through updating your WordPress installation and just after the process completes, you have only a blank, white screen to show for it. Nothing works. How could this have been prevented? Would you take a newly designed ship to the Arctic Ocean with hundreds of tourists aboard without [...]

5 Steps to Better Security Using LogWatch

Often the key to web security is being proactive. We need to make sure to correctly set permissions for files and firewalls, limit our login process, and update the system in a timely basis. What about the reactive side of thinking? Observing what is being accessed on your server is crucial. There is almost unlimited [...]